Big City, High Prices – Tenancy Law with Serene Chow on Fairchild TV Leisure Talk

Serene周兆盈 – 房屋租用法律常識  (Fairchild TV 大城小聚)

隨著房價越來越高,許多人,尤其是年輕人更喜歡租房住。不僅減少經濟壓力,也可以根據工作和生活的需要搬家去方便的地點。除了一般居住的租房,小生意的店鋪大多也是出租而來。Serene Chow 律師來為我們詳細解答有關租務問題。

請觀看有關訪問: YouTube channel here.

As the price of real estate is getting higher, lots of people, especially youths are preferring to rent. Renting decreases financial pressures and allows flexibility in terms of location. Renting has also become more popular for small business owners. Vancouver Real Estate lawyer Serene Chow was on Fairchild TV in June of 2015 answering some important questions on tenancy law.

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