Family Law Intake: General

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A. Goals

B. Basic Info and Employment - Yourself

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I am (check all that apply)
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Employment Status
Work Address
Employment type
Have you previously hired a lawyer for your family law matter

Basic Info and Employment - Other Party

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Home address
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Is the other party represented by a lawyer?

D. Spousal Relationship

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Living situation

E. Family Violence

1. In the BC Family Law Act, family violence includes:

  (a)   physical and sexual abuse, or attempts to physically or sexually abuse a family member,       including forced confinement or taking away basic needs;
  (b)   psychological or emotional abuse of a family member, including
      (i)   intimidation, harassment, coercion or threats, towards other people, pets or property,
      (ii)   unreasonably restricting a family member's financial or personal freedom,
      (iii)   stalking or following of the family member, and
      (iv)   intentional damage to property, and
  (c)   where children are involved, direct or indirect exposure to family violence.

Has there been any family violence in your relationship?

F. Children

Do you or the other party have any children?
Child's Full Legal Name
Lives with
Relationship to Child (i.e. natural or step-parent)

G. Court Proceedings

Is there a court case started
If yes, please provide the following information:
Court Location (City, Province)
Level of Court (ie. Provincial or Supreme)
Date Court Case Started (date first document filed)
Are there court dates scheduled?
Is there a trial scheduled?
Are there any court orders?
"Please email any court orders to us before the initial consult.

H. Agreements

The other party and I have the following agreements:*
*Please email any family law agreements to us before the initial consult.

I. Assets in Issue

Please indicate which assets may be at issue and their estimated value:

J. Questions

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