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Jonah Spiegelman, Tax Lawyer at Boughton Law

Jonah is a cross-border tax and estate planning lawyer. His tax practice is focused on assisting clients with international tax issues, including US-Canada cross border matters and questions regarding residency and Treaty benefits. Additionally, Jonah brings his tax-driven approach to estate planning, ensuring that future generations’ inheritances are well optimized. Whether estates are purely domestic or have a cross border component, Jonah aims to work clients to identify and anticipate any issues before they become problems.

Licensed to practice law in British Columbia as well as California, Jonah can advise on both sides of the border to suit client objectives by creating tax-efficient estate plans and investment structures.

As the lead author of the book “Americans in Canada: Smile the IRS is watching you,” Jonah has an in-depth understanding of the tax and estate planning issues facing US citizens who reside in Canada. He also specializes in providing legal services to Canadians who own US real estate, such as transactional representation and structuring title for tax and estate planning efficiency.

Jonah’s other practice areas include tax disputes with both CRA and the IRS, as well as negotiating commercial transactions and dispute resolution.


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