Class Action

The class action legislation was created to allow consumers, who have suffered losses individually to group together and sue major manufacturers and service providers.  One of the main objectives of the class action legislation is to even the playing field between consumers and large companies.

Boughton Law has years of experience representing plaintiffs in matters of product defects, pharmaceutical negligence, price fixing, collusion and misrepresentations.

Mark C Canofari has been counsel for plaintiffs in matters against the following defendants:  VW, Bosch, Honda, BMW, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, RBC, CIBC, TD, Ticketmaster, BC Lottery Corporation, Apple, Samsung, Yahoo, Pfizer and Kraft.

The class action group at Boughton Law is headed up by Mark C. Canofari along with senior counsel, James Coady, Q.C., Gregg Rafter as well as Shaun Driver.