COVID-19 Employment Law Resources

Regardless of where your business stood earlier this year, the COVID-19 crisis has forced all business to make difficult and reevaluate labour considerations in the coming weeks. Boughton Law is here to help. Connect with our COVID-19 Employment Law Response Team for help with:

  • work from home policies;
  • assessing options to reduce payroll;
  • renegotiating employees’ employment terms;
  • temporary layoffs;
  • termination of employees;
  • accessing government support programs; or
  • any other employer-side issues related to COVID-19.

The Boughton Law Employment Law team is led by Shareholder, Elizabeth Reid. Elizabeth has represented clients at every level of BC Courts and across numerous industries. As each client’s needs and context are different, we have a variety of options to help for organizations both large and small. Reach out today and our team will respond within two hours between 8am – 8pm:

phone: 604 605 8337



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