Border Restrictions Easing: changes for American entrants

The Public Health Agency of Canada  has announced that on August 9th fully vaccinated citizens of the US  and permanent residents of the US currently residing in the US, will be permitted to enter Canada for non essential, that is tourism, reasons.

On September 7th that announcement on quarantine exemptions may or may not be extended to travellers from any country fully vaccinated with Canadian Government-approved vaccines.

However that notice deals with future quarantine exemptions for visitors who remain barred for non essential reasons;

For now applicants are subject to the rules on quarantine exemptions pronounced July 20 and valid to August 21;  the travel ban and the quarantine rules are separate issues:

The travel ban:

The latest Order in council  prohibiting entry from any country other than the United States  issued 20 July 2021 and valid to 21 August 2021 continues to ban entry unless specifically exempted from the travel ban; work permit holders and persons  authorized, in writing,  to obtain their work permit at the Port of Entry are exempt.

By filing the package online applicants wait for visa office approval and issuance of  the  authorizing letters for the work permits, to enter  Canada directly from Europe.

However  they  could apply at a Canadian Port of Entry by flying into the US and then to Canada. The Policy Guideline “Work permit : COVID 19 program” states as follows:

“The exemption from  the travel restrictions  for workers  travelling from a country  other than the US only applies to work permit holders and those approved for a work permit in advance of arrival

Since foreign nationals need a work permit or approval to board an aircraft those who are normally allowed to apply at the Port of entry per subsection 198(1)  cannot do so as their travel is restricted  

If the foreign national is exempt from the travel restrictions based on another exemption (for example accompanying a Canadian citizen family member or TRAVELLING DIRECTLY FROM UNITED STATES they may still apply at the Port of Entry as long as their travel is considered non discretionary.”

Therefore that is an option, but the online application is preferred for the assurance that the work permit is authorized in advance of travelling.

The latest quarantine rules remain: double vaccinated travellers who have been vaccinated with government  of Canada approved vaccinations; must  provide a negative test within 72 hours of their flight; take another test on arrival; and have a quarantine plan in place if required. There is no longer a requirement for prepaid  hotel bookings at government approved hotels or 14 days of  quarantine .

We anticipate further changes  as of August 22.