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At its core, Boughton Law is a place of opportunity. We believe that each client and practice area is fundamentally unique, requiring tailored solutions to fit both the needs of our clients and what works most efficiently for the lawyers and staff servicing them every day. To us, this means that regardless of your year-of-call or your client base, your unique experiences and perspective are critical to enriching the entire team and furthering our already exemplary client care and service. Our history of entrepreneurialism and commitment to our community has allowed us to work with clients and partners across every sector of the Western Canadian economy, while attracting some of the top legal minds across government and academic fields, to join our team.

As the legal landscape is endlessly evolving and our economy is constantly opening new opportunities and remarking existing ones, it’s critical that our lawyers continuously grow and adapt to these changes. We offer a number of compressive training & development programs which cover all facets of the profession including legal, professional and business development learning opportunities. This focus on learning allows our team to be at the leading edge of the legal landscape, while ensuring they’re prepared to support clients through future challenges and opportunities.

We’re always on the look-out for talented, opportunity-oriented lawyers to join our diverse team. If Boughton Law sounds like the right place for you, reach out to us.

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“What drew you to Boughton Law?”

When I considered switching firms, I knew that I wanted to work with another local Vancouver based firm. What drew me to Boughton Law in particular was that the brand was far stronger in the marketplace and more associated with an entrepreneurial spirit than other firms. This proved to be correct. As a result of my switch, marketing and attracting clients to my practice has been much easier with the Boughton Law brand behind me.

Luca Citton

“Coming from a boutique law firm, what drew you to Boughton Law?”

I knew Boughton Law could offer a platform that would resonate with my clients. There is a high level of professionalism here. Everyone in the firm is results driven. I work amongst lawyers who are experienced, team oriented and aim to provide exceptional service to their clients.

Carol Lee

If you’re interested in joining our passionate, high-performing team, we’d love to hear from you.

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