Meritas® Canadian Management Committee Meeting

Boughton Law is proud to be hosting the 2022 Meritas Canadian Management Committee Meeting on March 3rd – 4th . We welcome our Meritas colleagues for two days of networking, workshops and a chance to reconnect in Vancouver.

“Networking is an important key to the success of Meritas and getting back to in person meetings like this allow the firms both in Canada and outside of the region to more meaningfully engage with each other, learn from each other, and as a result provide exceptional client service across all of Canada.”        – Luca Citton, President of Boughton Law and Meritas Board Member

Boughton Law’s affiliation with Meritas signifies a shared vision guided by experience and permits us to offer legal counsel beyond the borders of British Columbia. This global alliance of independent, market-leading law firms provides borderless legal services to companies looking to effectively capture opportunities and solve issues anywhere in the world. Our membership in this exclusive network allows us to draw on global expertise and provide referrals throughout the world, enhancing our international capabilities and expanding the services we provide.

Meritas memberships are selective and by invitation only. Maintaining a membership requires adherence to the tenets of Meritas’ unique and comprehensive Quality Assurance Program. As a member firm, Boughton Law is regularly re-assessed and recertified for the breadth of our practice expertise and level of client satisfaction. We’re proud to have met these strict standards for more than 20 years. Working with the Meritas network is a promising alternative to hiring an international law firm, for more information please visit

Meritas means quality. Measuring what matters, on every matter.