With a regional tech ecosystem as diverse and strong as Western Canada's, we're pleased to offer our technology clients a full range of services, from companies in pre-seed, all the way to exit.

The landscape for the technology sector and its ecosystem of companies, investors and institutions is a dynamic space across the country. Western Canada has emerged as a standout in this industry with a diverse and evolving community, developing ground-breaking innovations and products across a broad array of subsectors. As the community and their commercial markets mature, the pace of the business further intensifies. Companies and investors look to Boughton Law to help them manage complexities, minimize risk and identify opportunities. The firm works with companies, investors and institutions to help turn vision into reality, regardless of what stage your business is at. Whether you’re in early-stage or established, an off-shore firm looking to enter the market, or a seasoned investor looking to manage risk, we have decades of experience and the right people to help.

Boughton Law’s technology industry team brings diverse expertise to ensure we can support you with the right legal advice across any number of areas including: financing, M&A, securities, venture capital formation, tax, labour & employment, immigration, and governance.

Additionally, as a founding member of the Meritas global alliance of independent law firms, no matter where in the world their business may take them, clients can trust Boughton Law will have the right people and insights to support them.