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Jeff represents individuals and corporations in their tax disputes and collection matters with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Mr. Glasner has over 15 years of experience helping taxpayers through their audits and defending them during the CRA Appeals process and in negotiating with the Department of Justice at the Tax Court of Canada. Through his high volume practice he regularly deals with and has developed efficient strategies for challenging CRA’s positions and resolving matters in favour of his clients. In recent years, Jeff has achieved much success against current CRA activity trends including their focus on:

  • home sellers;
  • the restaurant industry;
  • the use of the harsh “Net Worth Audit” technique;
  • section 160 non arm’s length transfer assessments; and
  • targeting of directors personally for alleged corporate GST and payroll account arrears.

Jeff is a member of the Meritas Canada Tax group – a group of over 30 tax and estates lawyers practicing in 9 different law firms across Canada. He is a frequent presenter on tax-related topics.

Professional Activities

  • Director, Canadian Pro Bono Tax Litigation Society
  • Past-Chair, Taxation Law Subsection of the Canadian Bar Association (BC Branch)
  • Member, Joint Canada Revenue Agency –Canadian Bar Association Liaison Committee (Pacific Region)

Speaking Engagements

Presenter, “Dealing with the Collections Department of the Canada Revenue Agency”, Credit Counselling Society Training Event, Credit Counselling Society, May 2017

Presenter, “Current Trends in CRA Tax Disputes”, Canadian Tax Practice Group,
BKR International, September 2016

Presenter, “Qualified Donee Status”, Bridging the Gap Conference,  Stó:lō Nation, May 2016

Speaker, “Current Trends in the CRA’s Handling of Status Indian Tax Exemption”, PBLI Program – Indigenous Law: Current Issues 2015, May 2015

Presenter, “Income Tax and GST Exemptions for First Nations”, Stó:lō Finance Officers Association, December 2013

Speaker, “Tax Exemptions for First Nations: What’s New with Section 87 of the Indian Act and Beyond”, CBABC Professional Development Webinar, September 2013

Presenter, “The Latest Development in First Nation Taxation” at the Indigenous Law: Current Issues Forum, May 2013

Presenter, “Tax Dispute Update”. Presented to the Certified General Accountants – Fraser Valley Region, February 2013

Presenter, “First Nation Trusts and Active Businesses” at Building an Economy – A Yukon Investment Symposium, Whitehorse, November 2012

Presenter, “Recent Tax Issues with Indigenous Investment ‘On Reserve’: The Supreme Court of Canada’s Decision in Bastien Estate v Canada and Dube v Canada”, CBABC Joint Indigenous Law and Taxation Law Section Meeting, November 2011

  • Testimonials

    We were treated very unfairly by CRA, they literally froze our business accounts and took all our company money. Fortunately we found Boughton Law online. Jeff Glasner took our case the day we called and started on it right away. We could tell he hustled for us daily, keeping us in the loop, gathering info as he went. Finally, using his special relationships and contacts, Jeff pulled us from the fire and had our bank accounts restored and cash returned from CRA. Thank you Jeff Glasner and Boughton Law, you literally saved us from the depths of CRA madness!
    – Mike and Monica, Vancouver BC

    It’s very difficult to go through CRA audit and not knowing what you do, what to tell, whom to talk and where to run. I was extremely lucky to get introduced to a great lawyer, Jeff Glasner, who helped me through the whole process of winning the case. He is not only knowledgeable and intelligent, but very talented lawyer you has very good people skills. I recommend him to all my friend and clients, who may have any issues with taxes in Canada

    I am a 71 year old widow, 20 years in business and never had a tax problem until I got the call from the CRA audits and assessments, their unobtainable numbers plus a lien on my house was just the beginning, I felt I was being buried alive and having to dig my way out with a teaspoon, I then contacted Jeff.

    He took control over the mounting difficult situations. His expertise in navigating his way through the various departments and his ability to confer with the heads/decision makers led us to a successful appeal. His attention to detail, his professionalism and his patience and empathy towards me gave me much comfort.

    I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone having to deal with the Government Taxation Department and thank him and his staff for their due diligence.

    I retained Jeff to resolve an income taxation issue with Revenue Canada I was having. I found Jeff’s advice to be both thorough and practical. I was extremely pleased with Jeff’s professionalism, competency and promptness as well as the result he achieved for me. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends in the future.

    As an accountant in public practice, occasions have arisen when a client receives one of “those letters” from the CRA. When those occasions arise, it is reassuring to have access to the knowledge, tax expertise and professionalism that Jeff embodies. Jeff has procured the best results for my clients in each circumstance. His communication skills are exceptional and the ease with which he navigates a client through a complex and stressful event, is without reproach. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who finds themselves in a challenging tax-related matter with the CRA.

    Jeff, how thrilled we were with the results of your work. Justice really was served. I cannot fully explain the relief we felt realizing we no longer had that horrible audit hanging over our head, weighing us down. My mother and I are so grateful to you and your firm. We count ourselves more than fortunate to have found you as our representative. Even now, I occasionally pull out your letter to the CRA on our behalf. It still gives me that same satisfaction of vindication and exoneration. You addressed a complex issue aptly and adeptly and the full victory came from your handling of the matter. Thank you!
    Wendy De Roos

    I contacted Jeff Glasner after reading on his website about his expertise in representing clients who were dealing with complicated CRA issues. My situation was over $1 million in possible CRA assessments due to directors’ liability of a company that had allegedly not fulfilled their mandatory remittances to the CRA. My exposure was huge and Jeff’s advice on how to communicate with the CRA was crucial. Jeff kept me informed throughout the process. With his skill in communication and vast past experience with CRA, I am now free of any legal obligation in respect of the company’s taxes, and can most definitely state that Jeff was instrumental in guiding me to safety from this CRA assessment.

    Jeff is a pleasure to work with because of his professional and positive attitude. His professionalism is exemplified by his relentlessness towards the cases I present him with. He is extremely approachable and is always willing to listen to the issues I am facing. His patience and clarity in explaining the problems allows me to understand what is happening and be involved in the entire process. Despite all this, the most important aspect about Jeff is that I am always given a decision I am extremely satisfied with. Therefore, I will highly recommend Jeff to all of my friends and clients.
    Paul Wan

    I was fortunate enough to meet Jeff through a reputable lawyer network in San Francisco. Jeff and his team were instrumental in getting the grounds ready for a long battle with the CRA. His professional approach, knowledge of Canadian tax laws and handling of the CRA officers played an effective role in getting my case to an acceptable conclusion. His personal and likable attitude also gave me the peace of mind I so badly needed during my tax crisis. I can’t think of anyone better than Jeff Glasner to help me resolve my tax disputes with the CRA. Thank you Jeff.
    Khosrow Nouripour

    It gives me great pleasure to recommend Jeff Glasner for anyone dealing with CRA. Late in 2014, I found out CRA was auditing me. I was not concerned about the audit at first, but not long after the audit meeting, we were sent a reassessment of over $250,000. According to my accountants, CRA were being “very aggressive” about my case. I wanted someone to take my case, along with the stress of the whole situation off my plate. Jeff came highly recommended by my accountants and it was the best decision I have ever made hiring him to appeal CRA’s decision.

    In taking my case Jeff was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and completely on top of my situation. I was kept informed every step of the way and when CRA promised answers by a certain date, Jeff was on them. The outcome exceeded my expectations with a complete reversal of their initial decision. Give Jeff a call right away if you run into any issues with CRA. You will be glad you did.
    Michelle Hawthorne

    My wife and I were faced with very unfair assessments about the selling of our homes. The CRA wanted just under $1,300,000 from us. It felt like the CRA Auditor did not listen at all to our explanations. The situation was creating great personal stress to us all. Once we found Jeff, he took control of the matter in a professional way. He eased our concerns and worked with us to develop our arguments and organise our evidence. Jeff’s strategy and methods all went according to plan. He was able to reduce our assessments by almost 85%. We highly recommend Jeff for any tax dispute matter.
    Raj and Rimi Kochhar

    We retained Jeff Glasner to help us deal with an incredibly unfair, unfounded and unreasonable CRA assessment. Resolving the issue was a long and stressful undertaking, but Jeff’s calm nature, professionalism and thoughtful communications helped us navigate our way through the ordeal. In terms of results, the final settlement amount was approximately 5% of the total initially demanded by the CRA. We would happily recommend Jeff’s services.

    I contacted Jeff to help me resolve taxation issue with CRA. His service has been proven to be professional by being knowledgeable, organised and punctual. His careful consideration towards my matters in my case was very kind. I am very pleased with the successful result he achieved for me. Because of his help, I am able to say that my life is less stressful, and that a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Jeff – all the best to you in the future.
    Jozef K.

    As a status Indian operating my business on reserve lands, Jeff was instrumental in the success of my tax dispute with the CRA which took 9 years before CRA dropped the case. Jeff’s knowledge and expertise on Aboriginal taxation and existing case law was key in positioning my dispute and having a positive end result. I am thankful that I chose Jeff to represent me.
    Danny C.

    We are a small manufacturing plant from South Louisiana. After the CRA billed us for $3M in unexpected GST, we pushed back using a Canadian Accounting firm and Jeff Glasner. We had already gone through about 3 years of appeals and it looked like no hope of getting our money back from the CRA. The accountant and Jeff continued to work the issues and we received more than we had ever thought we could get resolved with the CRA. It was a big win-win-win for us, the accounting firm and Jeff.
    Tom LeJeune, Controller, Pinnacle Polymers

    WOW!!!, Jeff is the man who really can beat a daunting tax bill. From our initial conversation to completion, Jeff was a person with great guidance and knowledge. He developed a plan of action that worked perfectly. Thinking about Jeff? Well, do not hesitate because he can give you a direct honest answer – he did that with us and was spot-on. Before him, we found the entire process incredibly overwhelming but felt safe and looked after from the start once we hired him. He did not give up until we had a resolution. Our case was 100% successful, and we are not only grateful but also impressed with how effectively we were helped. Jeff’s team is a rare find, and we are happy to put this tax dispute behind us. Thanks Jeff, you rock.
    S & K.

    Jeff, thank you very much for your help. I appreciate the level of service you offered and your understanding of the process. My frustration levels dealing with the CRA for years was beyond an annoyance. You instilled confidence in me that this matter could be resolved in a relational manner. Thanks again for the help.

    First and foremost, I want to say that if it wasn’t for Jeff Glasner, I don’t know where I would be with my CRA case. I was lost, stressed out and felt hopeless when I had my CRA audit, resulting into many sleepless nights. Luckily for me, I met Jeff. His confident demeanour and years of expertise on the matter really showed, and he was able to give me professional and resourceful guidance in how to fight my case. He took matters very seriously and with confidence, told me he would do his absolute best to get me the results I wanted. Rest assured, he did. I tend to get overwhelmed easily in difficult situations but Jeff’s patience, kindness, and the way he empathized with me, reassured me that I was in good hands. I would highly recommend Jeff and his whole team to anyone having trouble with the CRA. You will not be disappointed! Thank you again Jeff for all your help and services. I am truly grateful to have met you!

    Right from the start, Jeff and his paralegals were attentive and supportive. Jeff was knowledgeable when discussing my personal income tax details and diligently investigated every document, photo, and paper trail to find the evidence we needed. During the lengthy appealing process, Jeff was always positive and optimistic. Finally after nearly four years of great effort, Jeff successfully defended my income tax integrity. I am beyond grateful to Jeff and his team of personal tax appeal experts. In the future, I will recommend Jeff’s professional services to anyone who experiences tax related frustration as I did.
    Henry Tong

    We can’t say enough about the support we received from Jeff and the his team. We were faced with a crippling, unwarranted tax bill from the CRA, and we couldn’t manage this ourselves.
    This is where Jeff lead our defense and managed to get most of the frivolous claims dismissed and counter many of CRA’s claims. Thanks to the team for all their support and expertise as we navigated through a really challenging time. We are now in a much better position than when we started this process thanks to Jeff and Boughton Law.
    Surj Uppal, Vancouver Pacific Property Investments

    Jeff was recommended to us by one of our friends who went through a similar audit to us. He impressed us from his first consultation. He was realistic, objective, timely, focused and knowledgeable. Jeff understood the strain an audit can place on a family: he always made himself available to guide us on what to expect next. He encouraged us to take it a step at a time.

    All these factors contributed to us receiving a positive result.  We cannot imagine responding and going through the process without Jeff.
    Mariam & Amar