Shantela Blaeser

Chief Operating Officer

As Boughton Law’s Chief Operating Officer, Shantela leads and drives forward the firm’s vision, innovations and strategic initiatives.  Shantela is the trusted advisor to the Board of Directors and the executive leader of the management team, overseeing all business operations, including Human Resources, Finance, IT, Marketing & Business Development, Office Administration and Library Services.

As an experienced business leader, lawyer, and law firm management professional, Shantela is dedicated to developing a sense of trust and teamwork among management, shareholders, associates, and firm administration members in order to cultivate a robust firm culture and ensure Boughton Law provides industry leading, client-centric services.  She is firmly committed to fostering a business culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, while inspiring confidence, interconnectivity, collaboration, and mutual respect.

By focussing on implementing policies and initiatives that bridge gaps between people, process and technology, Shantela collaborates closely with the Board of Directors, management team and practice area leaders to align optimized firm performance with the delivery of value to our clients, lawyers and firm members.

Prior to joining Boughton Law, Shantela’s career spanned over 18 years with a leading national law firm.  As her career progressed from summer law student through to associate lawyer practicing in the areas of Corporate, Securities and Capital Markets, she subsequently became a partner of the firm with a practice focussed on corporate finance.  Shantela continued to pursue her passion for business and transitioned to the strategic legal professional management roles of a Director overseeing regional and national professional talent matters, and a National Director overseeing practice management.  As trusted counsel and strategic advisor to firm management, partners and various stakeholder groups, Shantela directed, supported and implemented talent and practice management initiatives with a view to maximizing performance and building community.

Shantela is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia, the Canadian Bar Association, and the BC Legal Management Association (BCLMA).  She received her Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees from the University of British Columbia.