Real Estate

Boughton Law’s Real Estate Practice Group offers legal advice relating to all commercial real estate matters. With over 30 years of experience, we help you stay compliant and prepared for any real estate transaction or development project.

On the West Coast, commercial real estate is an enormous opportunity. It can also be rife with complexity and legal hoops to jump through. Our Real Estate Practice Group has over 30 years of experience advising clients on real estate transactions, commercial leasing issues, and practical solutions for financing components. We help you sort through various legal requirements to ensure you comply with applicable laws and regulations, and assist on the structuring of your real estate venture together with your other advisors.

We assist clients in all matters related to the acquisition, development and disposition of commercial property. For landlords and property management companies, we aid with commercial, retail, and industrial leasing matters from single-tenant buildings to entire shopping centres. Borrowers can also take advantage of our advice on financing real estate transactions for both secured and unsecured financing needs. Boughton Law offers practical solutions that focus on resolving critical issues to align with clients’ specific needs.

Our team provides advice regarding real estate development throughout the entire project process if required. We assist with municipal approvals, construction contracts, preparing disclosure statements and the ultimate sales of the project units. In these situations, it is imperative to understand your obligations as set out in the Real Estate Development and Marketing Act, and our lawyers can provide guidance on compliance requirements.

Even on a smaller scale, real estate transactions and development projects can be complicated and confusing. Our clients have relied on us for assistance with setting up suitable, tax-efficient structures such as joint ventures, partnerships, and other ownership arrangements. Sometimes legal assistance for real estate dispute resolution, builder’s lien issues, mortgage/lease enforcement remedies, and environmental issues are required during a transaction or a project. Boughton Law can help you troubleshoot these issues should they come up.

Along with our Indigenous Practice Group, we have specific expertise to advise on real estate developments and operations on Indigenous Peoples’ lands.

Boughton Law is a part of Meritas®, a global alliance of independent, full service law firms. With access to firms operating in over 230 markets worldwide, we can draw upon the expertise of trusted foreign legal advisors and even provide referrals if needed.

  • Commercial Leasing

    Boughton Law’s commercial leasing law practice group deals with a variety of commercial real estate assets, including offices, retail spaces, industrial projects, and office tower complexes. In Vancouver’s lower mainland and across Canada, we have experience in preparation and negotiation in leases for shopping centres, business parks, mixed-use offices developments, and retail complexes. Currently, we represent a diverse group of landlords, property management companies, and tenants on both a local and national scale.

  • Development and Construction Law

    With over 30 years of experience in development and construction law, our lawyers have expertise in purchase and construction financing for commercial, retail, and residential real estate. We also assist with official plans, zoning, subdivisions, variance, land use and development, and site plan matters.