Celebrating 75 Years of Legal Excellence: Boughton Law’s Milestone Anniversary

In 1949, two UBC law graduates—James Edgar Boughton, K.C., and Leslie R. Peterson, K.C.—laid the foundation of what would become a cornerstone of Vancouver’s legal community—Boughton Law. It all started with a vision of a law firm that wasn’t bound by tradition but driven by innovation.

This year marks Boughton Law’s 75th anniversary, a significant milestone symbolizing our commitment to client relationships and our community. Throughout the year, we will be sharing a series of stories, showcasing the rich tapestry of our history, our current team, and our ambitions for the future.


A Legacy of Innovation

From our inception in downtown Vancouver, we’ve grown into a full-service firm, continually embracing innovation along the way, while staying true to the core values that our clients have come to rely on. From opening a Hong Kong office in 1993—the first Canadian law firm to do so—to being named one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers in 2023 and one of BC’s Top Employer in 2024, we’ve always done things differently.

But this innovation has always been rooted in our deep understanding of Canadian law. In 2024, our lawyers and their work was recognized by Chambers Canada Guide, and we’ve continually had numerous lawyers featured in Best Lawyers in Canada. As we look forward to our next 75 years, we’ll continue to chart a unique path in the legal industry.


Our Clients: The Heart of Our Practice

Our steadfast commitment to our clients has been the cornerstone of our practice at Boughton Law. At Boughton Law, we have cultivated a proactive and knowledge-driven approach to legal challenges. Our mission extends beyond offering expert advice; it’s about doing things differently, building relationships grounded by trust, and being the spark that drives innovation. This client-centric approach, coupled with our strategic partnerships—such as our affiliation with Meritas®—has ensured that we deliver solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.


Rooted in the West Coast, with International Reach

Boughton Law’s story started on the West Coast. From the days of our founders’ first steps out of the UBC law school to our downtown Vancouver offices over the years, we have grown alongside this vibrant community. As the lower mainland has grown and become an international hub, so have we. The firm now boasts lawyers called to the bar in numerous jurisdictions and countries, with the team regularly working with clients on project around the world.

As well, through our membership with Meritas®—a Chambers ranked (Band 1) network—we regularly support international firms and their clients in need of Canadian legal support. Boughton Law may have started on the West Coast, but today the firm’s story is truly international.


Our Clients. Our Community.

Our 75-year journey has been one of partnership and progress. We owe this remarkable journey to you—our clients and our community. Your trust and support have been the cornerstone of our success. As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. We are not just commemorating the past; we are celebrating a future where we continue to serve you with the dedication and excellence you deserve.

From all of us at Boughton Law, thank you for 75 extraordinary years.

Your Team at Boughton Law