Commercial Leasing

Boughton Law’s Commercial Leasing Practice Group focuses on custom-developed leasing agreements and an eye towards a stable, long-term landlord/tenant relationship.

British Columbia’s Lower Mainland is one of the most competitive commercial leasing markets in North America. For more than three decades, international corporations, local start-ups, and retailers have been vying for commercial space, while seeking to mitigate risk and maximize flexibility. And that’s where Boughton Law’s commercial leasing group comes in.

With a focus on custom-developed leasing agreements, Boughton’s team has a deep understanding of the Lower Mainland market, as well as the larger Canadian leasing landscape. Having negotiated millions of square feet of leasing agreements from both the landlord and tenant perspectives, Boughton’s team helps identify and clarify the obligations of each party for betterment of the landlord/tenant relationship.

From drafting and negotiating leases for industrial, commercial, retail and mixed-use spaces, to interpretation and enforcement of rights and remedies, Boughton Law’s full-service team actively supports the long-term interests of clients.

Looking for legal assistance in commercial leasing? Contact the Boughton Law Commercial Leasing team for tailored solutions to fit your project.