Boughton Law’s Employment Practice Group advises employers and employees on matters related to employment relationships, labour relations and human rights.

Areas of Expertise

A proactive approach to managing your workforce is key in maintaining a successful and reputable workplace. Our lawyers’ expertise supports you throughout the employment relationship, from the initial hiring onwards. Advice from our team on hiring practices, employment contracts, policies, disciplinary procedures, terminations and restructuring will allow you to handle your personnel matters with confidence.

For employers looking for legal counsel on human rights and discrimination issues, you can trust our skilled lawyers to guide you through complex situations involving the basic rights and freedoms to which your workforce is entitled. Whether you operate in a unionized environment or run a business governed by individual agreements, our objective is to protect you from baseless claims when you are faced with court, employment standards or human rights tribunal proceedings.

Employees who have experienced wrongful dismissal, human rights violations or violations of employment standards can rely on us for effective dispute resolution. Whether giving advice in the background or formally representing you in negotiations or in legal proceedings, our team has the experience to ensure that your rights are respected.

Your Benefits

Leverage the full-service capability of our firm for all aspects of business planning, reorganization, and acquisition and sale of businesses that are often closely related to employment matters. If you’re looking to sell or buy a business, we can help you avoid the pitfalls associated with transferring a workforce.