How Much Does a Will Cost?

Estate planning is the process and legal steps you take to manage your affairs during your lifetime and set out a detailed plan with instructions as to who should receive your estate upon your death.

After an initial meeting with us, we can recommend the most appropriate set of documents necessary for your situation such as a Will, Power of Attorney, Representation Agreement, Trust, Living Will and Nomination of Committee.

What is included in a typical estate plan?

A Will and Power of Attorney for financial matters, a Representation Agreement for health care and a Living Will for your end-of-life wishes.

How are legal fees determined for estate planning?

Legal fees are determined by your needs taking into account the complexity of your family situation, the complexity of your estate and the manner in which you choose to distribute your estate.

Do you charge fees for an initial consultation?

We charge fees at the hourly rate of the lawyer working on your matter. During your initial consultation, the lawyer will take detailed instructions from you and will then assess your situation and provide advice to you relating to your estate planning needs. If you choose to move forward after the initial consultation, the fees for the initial consultation will become part of the overall fees described below.

What will my estate planning cost?

Each situation is different and our fees are billed at the hourly rate of lawyers and paralegals working on your matter. Generally, we find that for estate planning between couples where there are no “complex” issues, the fees will be in the range of $1,500 to $2,500 including taxes and disbursements. For “complex” situations, fees will be higher.

What makes my estate planning “complex?”

Complexities in estate planning arise in any of the following situations:

  • You are separated or divorced, or have been married more than once;
  • You have a disabled child or special needs beneficiary;
  • You have a disabled child or special needs beneficiary;
  • You want to leave disproportionate amounts to different children;
  • You want a trust established for adult children or another beneficiary;
  • Multiple appointments and/or amendments to your instructions;
  • As a couple, your situation or wishes are not a mirror image of each other;
  • You want to leave cash legacies or properties to specific beneficiaries;
  • You want to leave gifts to charitable organizations;
  • You want provisions to keep real estate in a trust;
  • You want provisions to carry on a business;
  • You own real estate or substantial assets in a foreign country;
  • You require a hospital or home visit; or
  • You require out-of-the-ordinary tax advice.