Boughton Law Plays a Key Part in Villa Maria’s Successful Business Expansion into Canada

At Boughton Law, we take pride in being uniquely West Coast – driven by the desire to make the complex simple and deliver practical, effective solutions for our clients. With our full service capability and global reach through the Meritas network, our team of lawyers not only serve regional clients but are also able to address international business interests. Situated in the prime West Coast gateway into Canada, Boughton Law is well positioned to assist businesses looking to expand their markets across Canada or abroad.

Such is the case with Villa Maria Estate winery. In 2011, New Zealand’s most awarded winery took its expansion strategy to the next level and entered the Canadian market. In need of in-depth legal expertise for this endeavour, Villa Maria consulted the CANZBA (Canada, Australia & New Zealand Business Association) network and was put in touch with Boughton Law.

The suite of services offered by our firm was a perfect match for Villa Maria. Eventually, the company was incorporated in British Columbia through the expertise of corporate lawyer Richard Uhrle and the Villa Maria trademark was established with the help of intellectual property lawyer Bennett Lee. Immigration lawyer Bruce Harwood was integral in obtaining Canadian temporary residence for their employees.

Today, Boughton Law continues to advise the team at Villa Maria on numerous business, employment, labour and immigration related matters as the company seeks to bring in new employees into Canada and grow their business further East into Ontario and Quebec. Being part of such a successful business expansion and establishing a long-term relationship with our client is something we take great pride in.

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