Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), a day dedicated to inspiring inclusion, breaking down barriers and celebrating the incredible achievements and contributions of women.

This year, we decided to ask some of our lawyers what IWD means to them, and of course, their responses didn’t disappoint.


Why is it important to celebrate International Women’s Day?

I’m exceptionally fortunate, having been part of a much later generation within Canada, where thousands of women have paved the way before me. I have the right to vote. I have the right to drive. I can get a credit card in my name. These are all fabulous things. More importantly though, we now have a duty to subsequent generations to make sure we don’t lose ground, and make sure those people who don’t currently enjoy those rights, we help foster them. – Rose Shawlee


What advice would you give women looking to advance in the legal industry?

Be willing to be flexible. It is not easy having a career, raising a family and/or having personal time for yourself, but it is possible. You just need to be willing to be flexible and know what is important to you. Also be kind to yourself and know that not everyone’s path is a straight line, and your career will be very long, so there is nothing wrong with taking time to reach your goals. – Susan Do


What’s a sign of gender-equity that resonates with you?

When I see diverse representation in leadership positions. – Angela So


What can we do to break down barriers that women face in their careers?

Allow flexible work schedule.  Focus on productivity rather than ‘face time’. Women continue to do the heavy lifting at home so need a flexible work environment to thrive. –  Jean Yuen


As I reflect on IWD, I find myself thinking about the legal world and how it is not particularly well known for its gender parity, especially when looking at the senior ranks. However, I’m proud to say that Boughton bucks that trend.

At Boughton, our management team of 9—which develops the firm’s strategic plan and oversees day-to-day operations—is comprised of 7 women. As well, our breakdown of lawyers is split nearly 50-50 between women and men, and our team of paralegals, legal assistants, and other professionals, is split roughly 60-40 between women and men.  I am so proud to work with our whole team at Boughton.  We will continue to move forward, innovate and progress with open eyes, open minds and open hearts.

When I reflect on the broader legal industry, it is encouraging to think of progress that has been made towards gender parity, including legislation aimed at pay parity and numerous groups dedicated to women across the industry, including the CBA Women Lawyers Forum, Meritas®’s Women’s Leadership Congress and more. While there is undoubtably more that needs to be done, there is also much to celebrate.


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