Tax Disputes

Boughton Law’s Tax Disputes Practice Group aids clients in resolving their disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Areas of Expertise

If you have been contacted by the tax authorities, you need a tax lawyer on your side who knows the system and has experience approaching matters from different angles.

At Boughton Law we can assist you in all types of disputes relating to income tax, goods and services tax and provincial sales tax. We guide taxpayers through every stage of the process from audit to court with practical advice for an effective defense. We also work with clients dealing with the Collections Department of the Canada Revenue Agency, including negotiating payment arrangements on their behalves.

Whether it be complete reversals of assessments or favourable negotiated settlements, you can count on diligent and cost effective representation from our team.

The clients we serve include entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and large corporations. We have also developed a significant track record of success in resolving the unique tax disputes of our clients claiming their tax exemptions under the Indian Act.

Your Benefits

The end goal of any tax dispute is to achieve a favourable resolution as efficiently as possible. Frequently called upon to speak on developments in taxation and tax dispute matters, our lawyers possess the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to help you achieve this goal.