Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Court proceedings can be costly, timely, and result in unfavourable outcomes. Boughton Law’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group is part of the way we do things differently. We advise clients as mediators, arbitrators, or represent them in dispute resolution proceedings.

Contrary to what many people believe, legal disputes don’t always have to be decided in a courtroom. In fact, conflict resolution outside of the courts is usually faster, more cost-effective, and has a higher probability of settlement. Mediation and arbitration also give parties more control over the outcomes, and they are often preferred over litigation through the traditional court system. It’s one of the ways we think differently at Boughton Law.

Our team focuses on helping you solve key issues through mediation and arbitration. Our lawyers have experience both as mediators or arbitrators, as well as counsel representing clients in mediations or arbitrations.

As mediators and arbitrators, we act as an independent, third party that aims to facilitate an effective process resulting in successful outcomes. We also make sure that both parties feel that they have been treated fairly and that their concerns have been fully heard. Our team is especially talented at helping parties find a creative solution to their dispute. With access to a firm that has experience in a variety of practice areas, we’re confident you’ll find the right lawyer to help you resolve your specific dispute.

When representing you, our lawyers guide you through the process and advise on the best course of action to achieve the goals you have set out. For example, since mediation and arbitration differ significantly in how a dispute is resolved or decided, we can inform you on which type of dispute resolution is best for a particular situation.

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