Frequently Asked Questions

What information about my case should I have at hand when first contacting your firm?

It is important that you gather as much information as possible about your case prior to your first meeting with us. By providing details of your insurance policy, the claim number you received from your insurer, an accident report and a summary of your injuries, you will help us determine how best to proceed with the case.

How will my initial meeting with your firm proceed?

We offer expertise across a broad spectrum of personal injury matters. Based on the information you gave us when you first contacted the firm, we will have assigned your case to the lawyer on the team whose experience best matches your particular claim. The lawyer will discuss with you the details of your case and give you a preliminary estimate of your prospects of success. We do not charge for this initial consultation.

How does your fee system work?

Worrying about up-front costs to obtain legal representation is rarely workable for people who have recently suffered an injury. The cost of legal bills should not be the focus of pursuing your rights following an accident. Therefore, we often accept cases on a contingency basis. What this means is that we will be paid as a percentage of any settlement or judgment at trial in your favour. If your case is not successful, then you will not have to pay our legal fees.

In sum, we do not get paid until you get paid. However, if you do not want us to represent you on a contingency basis, we can charge our hourly fees as they are incurred.

What are my chances of winning my case?

Unfortunately, no party can ever be 100% sure of victory – there are no guarantees. At your initial consultation, your lawyer will have given you a realistic assessment of your chances of success. We will do our utmost to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Why should I engage a specialist personal injury lawyer – can I use my family lawyer?

Personal injury is a highly specialized area of law. The opposing counsel will normally be a specialist in the area acting for an insurance company. By engaging a specialist personal injury lawyer with similar expertise, you are maximizing your chances of a successful resolution of your case.

If my case does go to trial, how will you help me to prepare?

We understand that the prospect of a trial can be a daunting one. In the event of your case going to trial, we will outline the steps involved in the process and keep you abreast of our strategy. We will work with you collaboratively so that you are aware of the status of your case at all times and know what to expect during the trial. Our lawyers are always available to address any queries or concerns you might have.