Boughton Law’s Securities Practice Group acts for issuers, investment dealers, directors, officers, consultants, shareholders and industry service providers in a wide range of securities matters.

A list of our Securities Practice Group’s most notable financings, listings and more can be seen on its representative transactions page.


Areas of Expertise

Clients listed on various stock exchanges such as the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), the TSX Venture Exchange and the Canadian Securities Exchange rely on us to facilitate their debt and equity financings, corporate transactions and to assist with the expansion of their businesses with respect to senior exchange listings and graduations.

From assisting you with mergers & acquisitions, reverse take-overs and qualifying transactions, to providing strategic advice on your corporate financing structure, our team’s expertise is centered around your sustainable growth in the capital markets.

By preparing your offering documents, including prospectuses, offering memoranda and term sheets, and actively guiding you through every step of the approval process, we lay the proper foundation for your successful financing.

For issuers listing in connection with an IPO or those transitioning to a more senior exchange, we prepare your listing and supporting documents in a thorough and forward thinking manner to ensure quick results and a prompt listing or graduation.


Capabilities and Insight

Expect diligent advice from our team of nine experienced lawyers practising exclusively in the area of securities law. Clients in a broad range of industries such as natural resources, alternative energy, (bio)technology, software development and life science have benefitted from our efficient team structure for handling files. We take a macro view of our client’s requirements and are extremely proactive in finding innovative solutions to difficult issues. Strong relationships with key industry partners and regulators help us obtain favourable results for our clients in a timely fashion.

We are very active in lobbying for changes to securities laws and regulations to facilitate venture capital growth. Our lawyers have been at the forefront of several recent initiatives to streamline reporting and capital raising regulations.

You can take further advantage of our Securities Risk Management & Compliance Practice Group that offers legal counsel for your dealings with industry regulators.

We offer an ego-free, down to earth approach at West Coast rates that are more competitive than our Eastern Canada counterparts without compromising experience or effectiveness. Taking on a uniquely West Coast approach, we strive to apply out-of-the-box thinking and a pragmatic approach to solving our clients’ legal issues.