Working to support economic expansion and regional development. We've been helping the builders, build, for over 70 years.

Infrastructure projects of any size are complex, challenging endeavours. They provide the foundations for communities and industries, becoming catalysts for long term economic activity. Western Canada, with a vibrant population and diverse geography, sees a constant stream of private, public and private-public infrastructure projects in development. Seeing these through from conception to completion means service partners that are with you for the long run.

At Boughton Law, we’ve been supporting our clients long term vision, helping to navigate the diverse legal obligations and mitigating risk associated with infrastructure development for over 70 years. From small, run-of-river hydro projects focused on remote communities, to large-scale energy projects supporting indigenous communities economic development, we’ve been there to help clients meet their goals. Our work has included: energy, transportation, maritime, intermodal and airports.

The Infrastructure team draws from a diverse group lawyers across the firm to meet various legal needs our clients require through the life of a project and beyond. This includes the regulatory, financing and litigation aspects, inherent in these these projects.

Additionally, as a founding member of the Meritas global alliance of independent law firms, no matter where in the world their business may take them, clients can trust Boughton Law will have the right people and insights to support them.